Six Advantages Our NFC Tracking System Has Over Traditional Tracking System

Wondering what advantages an NFC safety equipment tracking system offer over traditional tracking systems like RFID, QR codes, and barcode? Here are benefits that our NFC tracking system has over traditional systems:

1. A Dedicated Safety Equipment Tracking System

Unlike most RFIAD based tracking systems, RISE NFC is a dedicated safety equipment tracking system. Our app is designed for the sole purpose of tracking safety equipment, with each feature designed to streamline the documentation and tracking of the equipment.

Various RFID systems are generic data-based systems, designed to track a wide range of equipment and products Our app focuses only on safety equipment, making it faster and more efficient capture data to meet all necessary health and safety compliances and regulations.

2. Quicker and More Efficient Communication

The RISE safety equipment tracking system offers superior data communication than other systems thanks to our dedicated operators app.

Through the app, users will find it is much easier to capture and communicate relevant data of the equipment. This includes booking equipment in, reporting issues, the ongoing status of equipment, and reviewing the complete history of equipment use.

Push notifications instantly communicate the data to each user, notifying them of the important data for each piece of equipment.

For example, you receive push notifications for any equipment that still needs inspected that day, are notified of any upcoming servicing, and receive daily updates of all equipment status through the traffic light system.

3. Instantly Identify the Status of Safety Equipment

The RISE NFC tracking system incorporates a traffic light system to communicate the relevant status of all equipment, in near real-time.

For example, equipment flagged with a red light is not fit for purpose so should not be used until appropriate servicing or replacement. Amber indicates that the equipment should be closely monitored, while green means the equipment is fit and safe for its purpose.

It’s a simple yet effective method of tracking the ongoing status of equipment, ensuring any possible risks are immediately addressed. 

4. Cost Effectiveness

NFC tracking systems are much more cost-effective compared to other traditional systems.

This is because our system utilises a phone’s built-in NFC technology to capture and communicate all the relevant data. Users simply download the free application to receive instant access to the tracking system, eliminating the need for costly hardware.

An RFID system requires a dedicated scanner to scan the tags on the equipment, so the cost difference between systems is substantial.

For example, RFID scanner typically cost between £500 and £1300 per scanner, while our app work on most phones so won’t require a scanner. This means huge savings, which is essential for smaller businesses operating on tighter budgets.

5. Ongoing Data Capture

When using our NFC safety equipment tracking system, the data capture doesn’t end once equipment is checked out. Once scanned out, the equipment is assigned to the specific user until it’s scanned back in, capturing all necessary data as they use it for the day.

This remote data capture allows for better tracking of health and safety equipment, with the NFC system offering daily inspection reports while the user can also add notes of their own relating to performance, faults, and number of uses.

Once scanned back in, the system is notified that the equipment is once again available, streamlining the entire process of checking the equipment in and out of the store.

6. Unrivalled Durability

NFC tags are much more durable than tags from other equipment tracking systems. We use tags that are resistant to water, dust, abrasion, and impacts, helping to save on the cost of replacing tags damaged by wear and tear.

Given that safety equipment is often used in harsh conditions, using durable tags helps to save on the ongoing costs of the tracking system. Furthermore, NFC tags are user-friendly, being much easier to scan than tags from other systems.

For example, QR codes and barcodes are sometimes challenging to scan as they require a clear line of sight. They are also impossible to scan if the paper is damaged, which is common due to their poor durability.

NFC tags offer no such problems, being quick and easy to scan.

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