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RISE NFC Safety Equipment Tracking Solution

The future of Safety Equipment Tracking

RISE has developed a new NFC Safety equipment tracking app and management system which is both efficient and a cost-effective way of managing safety equipment. This has been achieved by simplifying information capture, reducing potential errors, ensuring compliance to safety standards, servicing and reporting, as well as optimising equipment availability and asset management.

This new cloud-based NFC safety equipment tracking App could save you thousands of pounds without compromising on equipment safety.

Our NFC safety equipment tracking app takes advantage of mobile phone technology (NFC – Near Field Communication) to capture and transmit data from equipment. The system will also operate and update information in near real-time (both locally and globally) to ensure that potential risks are identified instantly.

This information is dynamically updated allowing auditing to take place irrespective of where the equipment may be located.

This innovative solution sets us apart from others by utilising NFC microchips instead of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This removes the requirement for expensive third-party RFID scanners, making it affordable for even the smallest operators. It allows the user to scan and generate a full history of monitoring and tracking for each piece of equipment. This is a game-changer and will allow the system to record and issue certificates in real-time throughout your company.

NFC Bluetooth Reader

Our NFC safety equipment tracking App utilises mobile phone technology so is compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC) readers.

We have spent much time and effort assessing the wide range of NFC readers available, to establish which is the most cost-effective and robust reader on the market.

After much testing, we have decided that the ECCO+ Style Scanner is the best reader to be adapted and integrated into our system. Its simple plug-and-play solution with minimal to no setup required means the ECCO+ scanner can be integrated into our system in seconds. It can also be connected to any Bluetooth-compatible device. This scanner can also work with existing solutions such as spreadsheets or generic databasing systems.

The Ecco+ Style Scanner has an IP64 classification which makes it possible to use the reader in harsh conditions and it can survive a one and a-half meter drop. The reader can be connected with WiFi, Bluetooth or USB-connection and is the selected reader for RISE Safety tracking solution.

It is possible for you to buy your Ecco+ Style Scanner from RISE to ensure quality, performance, affordability and flawless integration onto our safety equipment tracking system.

RISE NFC Scanner / Reader

NFC Tags and stickers

RISE has decided to purchase our tags directly from the manufacture to ensure the best value to our customers. We have put our tags through rigorous testing on equipment such as carabiners, harnesses and hardhats to ensure we can get the best performance and durability from them.

We have a wide range of tags to suit all types of equipment such as:

Cable ties with embedded NFC chips suitable for lifejackets, harnesses and carabiners

  • Adhesive flexible discs that can bend, ideal for hardhats and helmets This is due to the plastic outer cover making it more durable than a sticker against sweat and moisture
  • A wide range of waterproof stickers ideal for wrapping around the ends of ropes or around carabiners for a hardy stick and durability
  • Micro NFC dots are ideal for the smallest of equipment. Ideal for attaching to metal, the micro dot starts at only 3mm.

All our adhesives are approved by the HSE.

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